wille boultinghouseThe Church of Christ has existed in this community for 44 years, nearly half of a century. The Rose City Church of Christ was a predominantly Caucasian congregation from 1968 till 2004. The congregation because of a loss of younger members and a decline in growth, decided to make a change.

The elders Willie H. Boultinghouse and John Noles reached out to then pioneer preacher, Johnnie Lawrence, and McAlmont Church of Christ to consider taking over the property at 5601 Lynch Drive. On March 26, 2005, elders Willie Boultinghouse and John Noles reached an agreement with Johnnie Lawrence, Dr. Lloyd Clay Harris, and Henry Foster to turn the property and facility into their care. The agreement involved a promise to not sale the property for financial gain but to keep a Church of Christ in the Rose City community.

In the year 2005, Johnnie Lawrence asked Les McSwain to take the work as the minister of then known Lynch Drive Church of Christ. McAlmont sent members over to help Les McSwain to revitalize that congregation. After a year of working as the minister Les McSwain decided that he could not put in the time and effort needed to grow the work. At which time there was a new minister from Memphis TN whom Dr. Lloyd Clay Harris had recruited to work with him as a professor at the School of Religious Studies. Christopher P. Fifer agreed to work with the Marion Street Church of Christ in Jacksonville, Arkansas.

Johnnie Lawrence came to visit Marion Street on a few occasions and was impressed with the job being done there. Johnnie Lawrence met with Christopher P. Fifer concerning him taking the work when Les McSwain resigned as the pulpit preacher. Bro Fifer accepted the work and began preaching there in April of 2006, at that time there were 25 or more faithful dedicated workers there at which time the congregation grew to 225 members in a year in a half. During which time Johnnie Lawrence, Henry Foster, and Dr. Lloyd Clay Harris decided to officially turn the property over to the leadership of the Lynch Drive Church of Christ in 2007.

Due to storms and making the transition the church went through a decline in membership due to differences in philosophy and theological disagreements. In 2009, the then leadership of Christopher P. Fifer, Ellis Ray Barber, and Walter Stanley who are currently two of our elders made a decision to change the name from Lynch Drive Church of Christ to Rose City Community Church of Christ to better identify with the neighborhood.

In 2011, the Rose City Community Church of Christ began to experience resurgence in numerical, financial, and spiritual growth. It was decided by the Evangelist Christopher P. Fifer that the local congregation was ready to go to the next level. The Holy Spirit had ordained three capable men Ellis Ray Barber, Walter Stanley, and Rodney Williams. On July 22, 2012 the evangelist and congregation followed the leading of the Holy Spirit in selecting these men as elders/bishops to lead the Rose City Community Church of Christ. Also six deacons were ordained as well; Michael Evans, Dewayne Dorn, Charles Orange, Brandon Cochran, Keith Barnes, and Steven Christopher Ware. With three new deacons ordained October 26, 2014; Kenneth Collins, Jeffrey Woodberry, and Ricky Westbrook. The church is presently functioning as God commanded in his organizational structure of His Church. (Ephesians 4)

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