Our Mission Statement:

Our life’s mission is to renew Christian culture; produce strong disciples by planting, growing and connecting the unchurched to Christ.


We are a nondenominational congregation of Christians located in the North Little Rock area aiming to be faithful in every way to Jesus Christ.

The Rose City Community Church of Christ commits to glorify God in spirit and truth, to nurture and serve people, spiritually and physically, while sharing Jesus through God’s Word.

The purpose and Philosophy of the Rose City Community Church of Christ: To be faithful servants of God and to fulfill this purpose, we want to be fully involved in:

  1. Saving souls – both in/out of our community
  2. Edifying one another to spiritual maturity and nurturing strong faith and loyalty as disciples of Jesus
  3. Providing a sense of family and belonging; we desire that every member would feel a deep sense of ownership and importance as a part of this congregation.
  4. Provide a place of belonging and family: everyone needs a place to belong where others share your joys and sorrows, where you can carry other’s burdens when they hurt and struggle, and where you can be carried when you are hurting. Our church seeks to be a place where genuine love, caring, warmth, and a sense of belonging and being a part of the family is much more than nice words and empty promises. Whatever any “family member” needs, our goal is to fulfill that need!

A Rose by any other name!

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