Thomas Jackson has been married for 24 years. He and his wife, Karla, are the proud parents of two children; Dillon (son – 23yrs) and Kayla (daughter – 19yrs). He has a Doctorate of Philosophy degree in Clinical Psychology and Theology and has been involved in behavioral health for 22 years. He is registered as a Certified Restorative Therapist (CRT), Certified Marriage and Family Therapist (CMFT), and Victim Relief/Crisis Intervention Counselor (VRCIC).

He is a published author of the books, “A Conversational Commentary on the Gospel of JOHN”, “Man and Woman As God Has Ordained,” and co- author of the book, “Low Motives in High Places: A Survival Strategy For Wounded Healers.” He has published a number DVD sets and articles, such as “A Daughter’s First Romance,” “Treating Depression In America,”     and “Understanding African-American Behavior In A Euro-American Society.” He currently serves as the Chair of the Department of  Counseling and Family Studies for the School of Religious Studies (SRS) in Little Rock, AR.

He and his wife, Karla, are both educators and have a passion for teaching and learning from others. They both enjoy a good conversation and a good laugh. Dr. Jackson can be reached at

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